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PhD Testimonials

PhD Testimonials

Spokane, Washington

The Antiochian House of Studies Ph.D. offers the opportunity for non-traditional students to study theology at an advanced level. Rather than treating theology as an academic discipline, it imparts the teachings of the Church as understood by the Apostles and their successors. The purpose of the coursework is to know God as He has revealed Himself in Jesus Christ. Excellent faculty make this Ph.D. program one where gaining a doctorate is less important than the journey.

Deacon Timothy J. Wilkinson, Ph.D. Dean, School of Business Whitworth University Spokane, Washington

Pomona, CA

I’m at the age in life when many people turn their thoughts to retirement—65. I now finally meet the opportunity to study at the Ph.D. level in divinity! The program is fostered within the bosom of our Church of Antioch. After two weeks with Dr. Christopher Veniamin and Fr. Michel Najim, I find myself inspired. My fellow students are God-loving, and dedicated. What a blessing, and what hopes we all pin on the success of this holy endeavor over the years to come!

V. Rev. Fr. Patrick O’ Grady, Pastor St. Peter the Apostle Antiochian Orthodox Church Pomona, CA

Bloomington, IL

From a practical standpoint, the program fits the busy life of a parish priest. The courses are designed for those with an intense motivation but also contain the personal touch with individual tutoring by leading professors in the subject area.   Yet, it was the spiritual environment that impressed me the most during my first residency. As an Anglican, I would recommend it to anyone who is serious about their faith.

Rev. David J. A. Halt, Rector, St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church, Bloomington, IL.

Phoenix, AZ

Contemporary theological challenges are the same old heresies that were dealt with by the Champions of Orthodoxy during their times. What is needed is to regain the mindset of the Fathers from primary sources, understanding their keywords, terminologies, and gaining their Ethos. We were exposed to the authentic Orthodox Ethos by our professors who received it in person and by experience from contemporary living saints of our time.

Rev. Fr. Mansour Azar, Assistant Pastor St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church Phoenix, AZ

Kansas City, KS

After completing the first two weeks of residency, I feel privileged to be part of a program established by visionary, academically qualified, and deeply committed faculty. What is so distinctively unique about the program is the academic thrust toward excellence in an environment of faculties and student body who are serious in their ultimate pursuit to know, love, and experience the Triune God.

V. Rev. Fr. Elias Issa, Pastor St. Basil the Great Antiochian Orthodox Church Kansas City, KS

Honesdale, PA

It is truly an honor to be included in the first-ever Orthodox Theology Ph.D. program in North America, featuring world-renowned Orthodox Patristic professors who are strong and gentle, capable of passing on authentic Orthodox Spirituality. Being fostered in a Spirit of Christian brotherhood, and pastoral nurturing, this program brings each individual to their full potential in Christ.

Reader Joseph Bussard Honesdale, PA

Milwaukee, WI

This visionary distance-based Ph.D. program in Orthodox Theology is a long-overdue gift to Orthodox education in North America. Those of us fortunate enough to be pioneers as the first class in the program have already discovered a staff of world-class Orthodox scholars who offer personalized contact with each student. The curriculum fosters a holistic blend of Orthodox academic theology and spirituality, drawing on the tradition of the Church Fathers.

Matushka Eileen Jones Milwaukee, WI

Wellington, New Zealand

As the only international student, from New Zealand, I have been waiting for this program to materialize as I knew how unique it would be in providing Orthodox teaching in its rich, authentic spirit. I was not wrong. I was welcomed with open arms, by teachers, colleagues and old friends. The residence was academically intense, yet ever-nurturing spiritually, thus making this program the best tailored journey for Orthodox Theology sans frontières.

Dalia Tinawi Wellington, New Zealand

Montgomery, AL

How can one describe God? Apophatic terminology only goes so far. In fact, language only goes so far. The first ever Ph. D. program in Orthodox Studies has been everything I hoped and more. As a graduate of the slightly-less-new Pastoral School of Chicago, I cannot think of a better follow-up than this God-given opportunity to study the Fathers and the primary sources of our most basic dogmatic theology. After a first intensive residency session, I left wanting more.

Michael Diaz de Leon, Warden, St. Martin of Tours Mission, Montgomery, AL