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Meet our Faculty

Meet our Faculty

The AHOS faculty profiles are currently being updated, and links to more information on each faculty member will be available soon. 

Fr. Michel Najim, PhD (Patristics) CV Fr. Michel Najim

Fr. Fadi Rabbat, PhD (Pastoral Theology)

The Most Rev. Hierotheos Vlachos (Dogmatics)  CV Met Vlachos

Renos Papadopoulos, PhD (Psychology & Christian Ministry) CV Dr. Renos

Fr. Patrick Viscuso, PhD (Canon Law)

Fr. Isaiah Gillette, DMin (Pastoral Care)

Fr. Joseph Antypas, DMin (Dogmatics)

Dn. Emmanuel Gergis, PhD (Dogmatics, Oriental Orthodoxy)

Fr. Ted Pulcini, PhD, DMin (Praxis/Projects Director) 

Fr. Joseph Purpura, DMin (Youth Ministry) 

Fr. Elias Boulos, DMin, PhD-ABD (Pastoral Care, Church Administration, Director of Residency & MDiv Practicum)

Fr. Patrick O'Grady, PhD-ABD (Liturgical Theology) 

Fr. Ananias Hakimeh (Byzantine Chant)

Kh. Bonnie Gillis, MA (Iconography)

Dr. Michael Wingert, PhD (Old Testament Hebrew)

Fr. John Fenton, MDiv (Western Rite)