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Public Transfer of Credit Policy

An applicant having graduated from high school or has attended another accredited postsecondary institution and attempted one or more courses is a transfer student. The maximum amount of transfer credits AHOS accepts for its degree programs does not exceed two-thirds of AHOS program’s total credits.

Transfer applicants from accredited colleges and universities are required to have a minimum earned a grade of “C” or better. In addition to the general requirements for admission outlined in this section, some concentrations and departments within AHOS set additional requirements that may be higher than AHOS’ minimum standards.

For the purpose of admission, this process may include a holistic review of the applicant with consideration given to how recent credits were attempted and earned, educational performance, evidence of student persistence and commitment to educational success. The Admissions Team has the right to consider all attempted high school, college and post college level work in determining admission to a particular AHOS program.

AHOS’s policy on the transfer of credits can only be approved if the course or courses in question are characterized sufficiently by Orthodox Patristic theological presuppositions, the saving doctrines of the Church (as expressed by the Seven Ecumenical Councils, and certain other local councils that have ecumenical authority), as well as the ascetic, pastoral and liturgical ethos of the Saints. The purpose of these stringent criteria is simply to maintain the distinctively Orthodox character of the formation which AHOS strives to promote and impart to each and every one of our students. The Admissions Team is responsible for approving the transfer credit policy and reviewing this policy ongoingly in conjunction with the Office of the Dean.

The applicant who wishes to have credits from another institution transferred into AHOS will read the “Transfer Credit Policy” at the time of application on AHOS’s website and contact the Admissions Team at admissions@ahos.edu.

The applicant must submit official transcripts of all previous college courses attempted whether or not credit was earned and regardless of whether the applicant wishes to transfer any credit. An official transcript must be sent directly to the Admissions Team at admissions@ahos.edu from each institution attended. Failure to report all attempted college courses will constitute insufficient criteria to transfer class credit hours into AHOS.

For existing students who wish to transfer credits from an accredited postsecondary institution would request a formal review of course(s) in question by contacting the Office of Dean. The Office of the Dean will review the request based on the Admissions policy stated above be followed. The Office of the Dean can be contacted at info@ahos.edu

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