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Antiochian House of Studies (AHOS) Celebrates Miraculous Growth in a Fundraising Dinner, Launches Campus Construction for Educational Excellence

March 3, 2024

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In a night filled with gratitude and anticipation, the Antiochian House of Studies (AHOS) held a momentous fundraising dinner on March 3rd, 2024, marking the remarkable journey of the institution and heralding the beginning of a new chapter with the launch of the AHOS Campus construction.

In the presence of V. Ref. Fr Michel Najim, the President of AHOS, the event brought together founders, supporters, and esteemed guests to celebrate the institution’s evolution into a beacon of faith, miracles, and education.

The evening was masterfully hosted by Mrs. Tania Matta, while Mrs. Michael Tadros eloquently spoke on behalf of the students. Mr. Alberto Fayad and the sons of Antioch chanted during the dinner, adding a touch of spiritual resonance to the event. Additionally, Mr. Milad Ouaijan exhibited the architectural blueprints and designs for the forthcoming buildings, articulating a forward-looking vision.

Fr Michel Najim’s speech resonated with the spirit of resilience and divine intervention that has characterized AHOS’s growth. He underscored the miraculous journey from humble beginnings to becoming an accredited institution of higher education, driven by unwavering faith and dedicated support.

The president recounted the pivotal moments of AHOS’s history, emphasizing the transformative power of faith and generosity. He highlighted the pivotal role played by benefactors whose unwavering commitment to education and faith enabled AHOS to flourish, offering affordable tuition and scholarships to students from diverse backgrounds.

The speech also acknowledged the invaluable contributions of faculty, staff, students, alumni, and volunteers who have been instrumental in AHOS’s success. Fr Michel Najim expressed profound gratitude to His Eminence Metropolitan Saba for his support and blessings, as well as to the Board of Trustees and all those who have contributed to the institution’s growth.

A New Chapter in Educational Excellence

Amidst the celebration of past achievements, Fr Michel Najim announced the launch of the AHOS Campus construction, which will include the construction of an auditorium, a chapel, and a parking structure. This new phase represents a significant milestone in AHOS’s journey towards providing a holistic educational experience rooted in Antiochian spirituality and heritage.

As the evening drew to a close, Fr Michel Najim reiterated the ethos of cheerful giving and the synergy between human endeavor and divine grace. He called upon all present to embrace the joyous spirit of generosity, recognizing its transformative impact on both individuals and communities.

AHOS’s Commitment to Shaping Future Leaders

The fundraising dinner served not only as a celebration of AHOS’s past achievements but also as a testament to its unwavering commitment to shaping future leaders grounded in faith, knowledge, and service. With the launch of the AHOS Campus construction, the institution embarks on a new chapter guided by the principles of faith, miracles, and education.

The AHOS community looks forward to the continued support and collaboration of all those who share its vision of fostering spiritual and intellectual growth in service to God and His Church.

Following are some images of the new building’s prototypes:

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It is worth mentioning that the Antiochian House of Studies is a Theological School in the United States of America and has full accreditation through the Association of Theological Schools (www.ats.edu) to offer numerous master’s and doctoral degrees in theological Studies like a Doctorate in Orthodox TheologyMaster of Theological StudiesMaster of Pastoral Care and CounselingMaster of Divinity, and Many other Academic Programs.

Some of the night moments in the following images:

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