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ANNOUNCEMENT: New Book Release [Soon]– “The Mystery of Holy Matrimony”

We are delighted to announce the upcoming publication of a new book entitled “The Mystery of Holy Matrimony,” to be published by Antiochian House of Studies. This publication presents a fresh translation of the Greek text, delving into each aspect of the rubrics in detail. Additionally, it explores the subsequent Service of Removal of Crowns and the Service of Second Marriage, which is utilized for cases of second (or third) marriage solemnization.

The appendices enrich the text by incorporating prayers sourced from ancient manuscripts, while the introductory and historical commentary provides essential background information and facilitates a deeper comprehension.

This book serves as a valuable resource for students of the Antiochian House of Studies, clergy, and individuals seeking a profound understanding of the Orthodox Christian mystery of marriage. It also includes a bibliography and endnotes.

Stay informed, as it will soon be available on Amazon Books, where you can acquire your own copy and delve into the profound mystery of matrimony.

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