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Winter 2024 Symposium announcement – Orthodox Academic Society

It is our pleasure to inform you that the program for the Winter 2024 Symposium at the Antiochian House of Studies has been officially released. This comprehensive program encompasses a range of thought-provoking sessions and esteemed speakers. The link to the program will be shared with all members a couple of days before the symposium. We encourage you to peruse the schedule at your convenience, and we look forward to your presence at the symposium.

Following are the Winter 2024 Symposium Details:

Please keep posted by visiting the main OAS website: oas.ahos.edu

Date and Time : Will be on Zoom, Saturday, January 27, 2024 (12 PM-3:30 ET/ 9 AM-12:30 PT)

Link: A link will be shared a couple of days before the symposium to OAS members.
(If you are a part of the AHOS community (present or former student or faculty) and still are not an OAS Member, we encourage you to apply for OAS Membership through the following Link: Become a member)

Full Program Details: please visit the following links

Papers and Speakers:

Speaker:          Peter Lee, PhD Student

Paper Title:      The Symbolic Unity of Theurgia and Hierurgia in the Dionysian Liturgy

Description:     An analysis of Dionysius’ commentary on the liturgy and the Eucharist under the Syriac notion of symbol.


Speaker:          R. Joseph Bussard, PhD Student

Paper Title:      St. Gregory the Sinaite: A 14th Century Mystagogue and True Teacher on the Incarnation of Christ The Word – Θεού Λόγος in the Human Heart of Man

Description:     A presentation of the theological synthesis found in St. Gregory, which unites many of the deep Christian mysteries into an approachable understanding.


Speaker:          Nicholas Szabo, PhD Student

Paper Title:      Who Am I and How Should I Live? Christianity in Twenty Words

Description:     A presentation of ways to deliver the Orthodox Christian message quickly and succinctly to all demographics, inspired by work in a homeless shelter.


Speaker:          Maximus Sauskojus, MTS Graduate

Paper Title:      The Orthodox Church’s Approach to Mental Health

Description:      An exploration of how the Orthodox Christian life addresses the interrelationship between mental and spiritual health.


Speaker:          Kathleen McKinnon, MPCC Student

Paper Title:      Healing in the Family: The Ethics of Becoming a Healing Presence to Your Relatives

Description:     An examination of ethical issues that arise when caring for members of one’s family.


Speaker:          Br. John-Marmion Villa, MPCC Student

Paper Title:      Forming Monks and Fostering Fraternity in the Rule of St. Benedict

Description:     How the ancient wisdom of the Rule of St. Benedict can be applied in modern contexts, offering practical preventative and therapeutic suggestions to improve the vibrancy of life for monastic communities.


Speaker:          Laura Wilson, PhD Candidate

Paper Title:      The “Priestly Schema of the Diaconate” in the Vitae of St. Domnika

Description:     An analysis of the theological meaning of the ordination of deaconesses in the Constantinopolitan tradition through the hagiography of St. Domnika.

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